WKBN/WYFX/WYTV: The Valley’s Home For Football!

Are You Ready For Some Football?

NFL football is upon us, and the Valley is ready. Football is the most-watched sport in the country, and locally everyone is ready to see how the Browns and Steelers are shaping up for the season.

Don’t miss out on advertising during these exciting preseason games. Check out all the great match-ups on WKBN, WYFX, and WYTV:


Friday, 8/14, 7:30PM     Pittsburgh at Jacksonville—with pre and post-game shows
Friday, 8/28, 8:00PM     Detroit at Jacksonville
Saturday, 8/29, 8:00PM Seattle at San Diego
Thursday, 9/3, 7:30PM  Carolina at Pittsburgh—with pre and post-game shows


Sunday, 8/23, 1:00PM    Green Bay at Pittsburgh—with pre and post-game shows
Sunday, 8/23, 8:00PM    St. Louis at Tennessee
Saturday, 8/29, 4:00PM  Pittsburgh at Buffalo—with pre and post-game shows
Sunday, 8/30, 4:00PM    Houston at New Orleans


Thursday, 8/13, 8:00PM  Washington at Cleveland—with pre-game show
Saturday, 8/29, 7:00PM   Cleveland at Tampa Bay—with pre-game show
Thursday, 9/3, 8:00PM    Cleveland at Chicago—with pre-game show
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