WKBN-TV launches revolutionary new set

WKBN-TV 27 launches groundbreaking new set design

Youngstown, OH – WKBN-TV is launching a revolutionary high-tech way of presenting local news to viewers in the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys. The new look will launch on WKBN 27 First News at 5PM on Thursday, February 12.

“I am so happy that our company has decided to roll out this concept and new technology in Youngstown. It’s a huge commitment,” said WKBN-TV President/GM David Coy. “WKBN has always been a leader in new technology, going back to the early 1950’s, as Youngstown’s first TV station, and that tradition continues today.”

This redesign for WKBN-TV has been nearly a year in the making, beginning with an analysis of WKBN 27’s brand and the Youngstown market. The process continued with a team of award winning designers from across the country who worked on everything from set design and lighting, to a new logo and animated graphics.

The set utilizes Virtual and Augmented Reality elements, computer-generated designs that are layered on real scenic elements. Pioneering this new set, WKBN is one of the only local broadcast stations in the entire country to utilize this technology.

WKBN-TV News Director Mitch Davis shares his excitement for what this means for Channel 27’s 5 hours of local newscasts, “This new studio is more than a new look, it helps us to gather and cover news better. First News anchors and reporters have more opportunities in this environment to explain stories, to go into more detail with a large variety of graphics and to show our viewers live video and late-breaking stories much quicker.”

The array of changes to WKBN-TV gives the news leader a modern take on the traditional newscast. Using state of the art technology, the new look is both dynamic and flexible, allowing the station an unlimited amount of options for continuous design enhancements.

Kathy Mosher-Boule, Manager for On-Air Image and Design for Media General, WKBN 27’s parent company, spoke about the process, “Our end goal was to create a look that was simple with easy to read information and one that would fit the Youngstown market. The viewer is going to see something that’s new and fresh that no one else in the country is seeing.”

The set redesign will debut on the number one rated newscast, WKBN 27 First News at 5PM, this Thursday, February 12.

For more information and a behind the scenes look at the process of construction of the new set, just go to: http://wkbn.com/2015/02/10/wkbn-to-debut-new-set/

About WKBN:

For more than 60 years WKBN-TV, the local CBS affiliate, has been at the forefront of the television industry in Youngstown, Ohio. The first television station in Youngstown, WKBN has continued its tradition today being a local leader in the digital medium as the first in the local market to launch mobile apps on devices and tablets. For more information, visit www.wkbn.com.