Premium Search

Premium searchPremium Search

Horizon opens new search engine marketing opportunities by giving you access to the 10 billion clicks that occur outside of the top search engines each month.

Broad and Engaged Audience

Comprised of over 250 premium search partners, Horizon allows you to capture the interest of more than 150 million users searching outside of the top three search engines.

Quality Search Traffic

We utilize advanced filtering technology to provide premium, brand-safe traffic sources that extend reach by capturing millions of searches brands would otherwise miss.

Transparency and Accountability

Offering visibility into traffic sources by providing source ID’s and screenshots of ad placements upon request.

Precision Campaign Optimization

We provide specific segmentation, targeting, and optimization by traffic source, keyword, and advanced match-typing, allowing for deeper optimization and greater ROI.

Full Service Search

We also partner with Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn to capture users’ interest across tier-one search properties.

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