Client Testimonials

“We’ve done some direct mail and we’ve done some radio commercials, but this is our first endeavor with broadcast television. It’s easier for people to recognize who you are when they see you on their television and when they see you in the sense of business. You’re wasting your money if you’re putting it in something else other than local broadcast television.”

– Matthew W. Conley, Matthew W. Conley Funeral Home

“Broadcast television is definitely the base. That’s the foundation for where we build our advertising, reaching so many other people so we start our advertising there and from there we are able to build. Whether it’s internet, newspaper, or radio. But we always have our core on broadcast television.”

“Broadcast perfectly covers the markets that we sell in. We can affordably advertise at a high frequency and it’s lead to a pretty dramatic growth in our sales.”

– Bobby and Abby, Preston Auto Group

“The big audience that broadcast TV brings with some of their special event programing like some of the award shows, football, and basketball. I can get my message out very quickly. I know my TV advertising is working because customers come in and quote something they heard on the commercial. I’ve been using TV advertising for nearly 30 years and it works.”

– Diane Sauer, Diane Sauer Chevrolet

“We have a lot of seats to fill. So it really helps us accomplish that goal when we can add web advertising as well as TV advertising. It’s really important to be able to maximize our exposure, maximize our reach, and maximize our frequency.”

– Kelsey Rupert, Covelli Centre

“With broadcast television, you know, we’re in Ohio, we’re in Youngstown, but I’m reaching Cortland. I got people coming in from PA that I’ve never gotten that with any other type of advertising out there. I get people to ask, ‘can you fax us over a menu’. And I’ll just say, ‘go over the, it shows our menu”. It reaches so many people out there. With a webpage like that we’re reaching thousands of people.”

– Jack Walters, The Elmton

“Basically by using MyValleyDining, it’s helped increase my customer base. They see it on the website and they keep coming back. And it’s basically what I’ve been looking for – a good advertising tool that would help me market my restaurant. MyValleyDining definitely helped me create a new customer base getting them in the doors here.”

– Alan Donatelli, Dona Vito’s

“Well we’ve tried things like billboards, newspapers – we saw minimal to almost no success with those forms of advertisement. A lot of people didn’t even know we were here, we’ve been here 26 years and people in Austintown weren’t aware that we were here until they saw the commercial. I think the visual of being on TV is what made the difference. It was extremely successful and I wish we would have done it sooner.”

– Phillip Albenze, Body Shop Total Fitness

“It’s one thing to hear it, it’s another thing to see it and that’s where I think TV comes into play. We’re all watching TV let’s face it, we love to watch TV. You have to always try to reach new people and get other people to see you are here. If you get one new customer that came in because of an ad, that ad is well paid for, in my opinion.”

– Joe DiVieste, DiVieste Banquet Rooms

“If you have a good product and people don’t know you, put the word out. Put it on television, they’ll follow it because they follow television. Ad advertisement on television was the way to go for us. Using the web, using MyValleyDeals – we got a lot of customers just from that alone. Since we did the MyValleyDeals, our business has probably improved at least 50% more than what we had before. You have to advertise and advertising on television was the way to go for us.”

– Mike Richond, Manager – Steel City Bar & Grill